Habitat is one of the entrenched sectors of our setting, Valencia. Thus, the business vision of design and the added value that design brings to the product has let every creation to need their own identity that represents the brand’s values. Understanding these requirements is the starting point of every project we undertake. In this case, Kendo Mobiliario, based on a briefing, conveyed to us the product’s typology that he needed to include to his catalogue and the new project’s aims.

At Discoh, we take care down to the smallest detail at each stage of the design and development process, since the idea’s conception to the manufacturing management and follow-up. Thanks to this, to our background, career path and our team capacities, we design products according to logical development and manufacturing criteria that leads us to achieve innnovative, functional, honest and durable products.

Every project is a new opportunity to create an innovative and coherent product.

Although we conceive as unique and different every design, at Discoh we apply a standardised work methodology that ensures tangible results consistent with our client’s and their target audience’s needs.

We start with the analysis phase, which determines our creative process’ result. At his phase, the design team focuses on getting to know the client, their brochure, their sector and the business project.

Then, we translate the ideas that define the project into individual concepts that allow us to freely generate different proposals. Our job allows us to translate ideas into objects, products defined by their relation with the end user.

After the conceptualization phase, we start modelling the ideas through prametric 3D programmes with the aim to dimension the proposals following the project’s requirements and the client’s standards.

Once the proposals are conceptually and dimensionally defined, the detail phase starts. At the development process Discoh collaborates with their clients to conduct a detailed study about the components of the product so they can define the manufacturing processes and optimize costs. The aim is to ellaborate the necessary technical documentation for the production.

Once validated some suggested proposals to the company, we build a functional prototype that allows us, amongst other things, to evaluate the viability of industrial production. Furthermore, being able to touch the product gets us a real vision of the proportions and finishings and allows us first hand to understand the relation between user and product.

The final adjustment on every project requires always an accurate product’s communication. In this case, Perez Ochando studio leaded the art direction for Kendo Mobiliario’s new catalogue.

Reflex’s center tables set comprises three different height and width tables. Both three consist of a round lid with a 55, 70 or 100 cm diameter with a lacquer or oak finish joined to a metal base of 42 or 47 cm height with a black thermocoated or white microtextured.
Console Beam is compound by a lid and a base joined by metal splints. The lid is offered in lacquer, oak or walnut finish; the base is offered in black lacquer and the metal splints are thermocoated in microtextured black. It’s available in two different measurements.